"Financial Health Through Collaboration and Accountability"

At Gifford Financial, our goal is to help our clients create the best life possible with the money they have.  We work with successful professionals that are motivated to improve their financial situation and realize that their time and energy are best spent focusing on what they do best and what they enjoy.  Our belief is that very little in life is accomplished without a plan and that very few great things happen by accident.


We help you create a strategy to help improve your financial health by identifying your goals and connecting you with a financial team of dedicated, caring professionals.  Our job is to provide accountability as we collaborate to help you achieve these goals.  By following our core values of organization, accountability, objectivity, proactivity, education, and partnership, we can create great things together.


Gifford Financial focuses on working with those in the medical and dental fields.  Our specialty, and the nature of what we do, allows us to provide individualized advice for clients in similar situations. Much like those who specialize in the health care professions, this has created an understanding of the financial needs that our particular clients face.   Your financial needs, opportunities, risks, and pitfalls are unique and we know how to help navigate through them. While we specialize in advising those working in health care, our core process and principles apply to anyone committed to improving their financial situation.



With Gifford Financial, you experience the customer service of a tenured team. We are dedicated to understanding your needs while being straightforward and consistent in how we respond to those needs. Offering a combined financial industry experience of 40+ years, we have developed a relationship-based practice that combines financial advice, investments, and insurance options which allows us to work with you through each stage of life.


We bring wisdom to the noise of the marketplace and develop a strategy that enables you to live for today as we help you prepare for tomorrow. Our goal is to help you address what you perhaps otherwise wouldn’t and ensure that you, and those that depend on you, are protected. Through diligence, persistence, and thoughtful preparation, we help identify a path that creates financial clarity and structure to help you achieve security and financial health through collaboration and accountability. Using this process, Gifford Financial takes a rationally optimistic view of the future that gives you permission to enhance your enjoyment of life.